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Concerned about Sichuan
Date:2008-7-11 16:41:17     Source:     Author:

     At 2:28 p.m., May 12, a magnitude 7.8M earthquake occurred in Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province, which caused heavy loss of life and property. In view of the circumstance of countless homeless people, increasing death roll and huge debris in disaster area, the Teammann were anxiety-ridden

    Therefore, senior leaders of Teammann issued
proposal and organized special donations immediately. The proposal got zealous response from Teammann staff; they donated with heart of fraternal love one after another. Till morning of May, 16, total 57,157.7 was collected, including 6,144.5 donated by Team Concord Industrial Ltd; it was remitted to the disaster area through Xiamen Red Cross in the afternoon. 

     Moreover, Teammann mobilize foreign customers to make donations to the disasters. Teammann sent donation proposal to total 166 customers; the proposal also got positive feedback from them. They express their willing to provide support through various ways. So far, equate to more than
100,000 has donated by Teammann’s customers. And, the donation is continuing. 

    This activity of donation reflects well once again corporation culture of Teammann and the heart of concerned about society of the Teammann. Wish this kind of spirit sustains forever like the flow of Yangtze River , to help the people who need care and warmth in the disaster area. Herewith, Teammann would like to extend sincere thanks to foreign customers one behalf of