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Dedicate Love, Extend Life
Date:2008-3-21 16:38:29     Source:     Author:

    In the March of this year, the electrician Mr. Ma Guanghua was finally diagnosed as having lung cancer. It is really a disaster to a common family. Up to now, it already costed this family RMB30, 000.0 for the operation and still need RMB 60,000.0 to 70,000.0 more for further treatment. 

    Heartless disease, Heartful colleagues. Teammann’s director board proposed to raise donations for Mr. Ma GuangHua immediately, which was responded warmly by all teammann members. Everyone gave a hand to Mr. Ma Guanhuan zealously. In a very short time, the total donation of RMB29,525.30 (RMB 13,000.00 from Teammann’s Love Fund and RMB16,525.30 from teammann members’ donation) was sent to Mr. Ma Guanghuan on Mar. 21st.

    Mr. Ma Guanghua was unfortunate to get a cancer. Fortunately, he was not alone. He got love from all teammann members to fight with cancer. 
    Now, Mr. Ma Guanghua recovers well and continues to do the treatment at home. We hope he can fight out the cancer and resume to work earlier. At the same time, we also  hope Teammann can develop well and contribute more value to the society as a love-filled and united team! 

    P.S.: Love Found—Every member in Teammann donates RMB 3.0 to this Fund
 each month, which will help the teammann member who encounters difficulties or sudden and emergency thing in daily life.